Particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and ozone: air pollution remains a serious concern in Germany. The situation is even more dramatic in Asian megacities, where pollution continues to worsen. We at Visioverdis want to combat this problem. We want to make our cities more ecological, cleaner and healthier. Our team of experienced specialists has dedicated its work to intelligent combinations of ecology and technology. We want to introduce more plants into our cities and take full advantage of their botanic potential: from air filtration, cooling and soundproofing to the production of oxygen and food.

The result of our work: ecologically and economically sensible product solutions, such as our GraviPlant or the Skyfey building concept. We develop our sophisticated products on the basis of many years of research and exchange with other experts, scientists and universities during lectures and joint projects. We also offer our clients consultations and develop individual solutions to meet their needs.   Each Visioverdis product, each plant and each square metre of facade greening expands the green future of our cities.

Dr. Alina

Alina Schick is the founder and managing director of Visioverdis. The biologist and agricultural scientist wants to introduce greater botanic potential into our rapidly growing cities, creating better living space for the people inside them.

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Dr. Iris

Iris Schmid is an ecologist working in research and botany at Visioverdis. Her task is to prove the effectiveness of Visioverdis products through research.

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Dr. Katja

Katja Schulze is a geophysicist. She is responsible for developing the Skyfey project at Visioverdis.

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Ute Schwinghammer is currently studying for a master’s degree in biology. She is nearly finished and currently supports the Visioverdis management as a personal assistant and organisational team member.

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Luca Hamouda is currently studying design in Cologne. He is the social media officer and data protection officer of Visioverdis. His task is to document the work of the company and publish news.

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Sze Chan is the first intern of Visioverdis. She supports the marketing department of the company.

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Patrick Röhm is a specialist in corporate financing and about to obtain his doctorate. He supports Visioverdis in all business matters.

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We combat air pollution
Our products


An absolute eye-catcher for representative facades: the horizontally growing GraviPlant opens up new spaces for facade greening.

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Skyfey is Visioverdis’ intelligent building concept for the self-sufficient supply of food, energy and water.

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