A new direction in vertical gardening.

GraviPlant brings the best of ecology and technology into urban spaces: better heat and sound insulation for efficient facades. Better filtration of harmful substances and more oxygen for cleaner air. And more striking green spaces for modern cityscapes. Combined with wall greening system, GraviPlant makes it possible to green facades in multiple layers, leading to more biomass and great ecological diversity.

The underlying technology consists of a permanent facade element with all features required for the long-term cultivation of plants. It contains a rotating planting unit and a plant. On account of the rotation, the plant grows horizontally and stays within its sphere. This makes GraviPlant an attractive solution for facade greening experts, urban planners, urban developers and property investors.

All advantages at a glance

Improved cooling effect

Combined with a classic, vertical wall greening system, GraviPlant makes it possible to green facades in multiple layers. This increases shade and transpiration, which improves the natural cooling effect. Your facade stays cooled on hot summer days.

Representative facades

The extraordinary shape of GraviPlant makes it an absolute eye-catcher – and a powerful message of environmental consciousness. It is ideal for representative external facades and foyers of hotels, conference halls and shopping centres.

Easy combining

A slender growth habit, firm embedding inside the facade and an eye-catching effect: GraviPlant is easily combined with vertical gardens and greened facades. Use it as a second layer or a sophisticated highlight.

Improved air quality

GraviPlant utilises new spaces to green your city. This increases the availability of plants and boosts their positive effects, including the capture of CO2, fine dust and nitrogen oxides and the production of oxygen.

Automatic supply

Once installed on the facade and connected to the Wi-Fi, water and electricity supplies, GraviPlant takes care of itself. Its sensors and software fully automate irrigation, rotation and LED lighting.

Easy care and maintenance

GraviPlant takes care of its own supply, but like all facade greening systems, it needs to be trimmed twice a year. Technical maintenance can be carried out at the same time. Fast and easy.


Ideal for representative facades and short-term installations for events and garden shows alike: GraviPlant Outdoor is perfectly adapted to outdoor conditions.

60 cm
Height including plant
up to 2 m
Weight including plant and wet substrate
105 kg
Energy consumption (external unit)
20 W
Energy consumption (central computer)
10 W
Attachment to existing structures
with a heavy-duty dowel
Attachment to new structures
integration into the facade
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The compact cousin of GraviPlant is perfect for greening indoor walls in offices, conference centres, banks or hotels.

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